2014 Competition Finalists Entries

Relics Park Visitor Center
by Andrew Hastings - Winner of Fellowship Competition


The design of the Relics Park Visitor Center was inspired by the spirit of the site itself. The decomposing buildings, while in some ways old and dilapidated, relics of a bygone era, add richness, history, and texture to the site.

Portland Centennial Mills Visitor Center
by Massimiliano Orzi


The proposal for the Centennial Mills river front site focuses on creating an active connection between the site and its surroundings.

Centennial Mills Visitor Center: Adaptive Re-Use Connecting the City to its River
by Thomas Schmidt


This proposal threads the visitor center program across two existing buildings, linking them together and penetrating their facades.

Hulls & Husks: Uncovering Landmarks of Portland’s Culture of Production
by Alex Zelaya


With a new visitor’s center and public park, the previously barred site will be opened up to the public.

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