2013 Competition Winner

2013 Competition Winner Announced!

The Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship is pleased to announce this year’s fellowship winner. Lauren Folkerts is a 2010 graduate from the University of Oregon Department of Architecture. Lauren is currently working for Mosaic Architects in Boulder Colorado. Lauren’s design submission was selected out of 4 finalists Friday April 5 in a formal presentation at the California Polytechnic University Pomona.

The jury appreciated this scheme first and foremost for its considerable sensitivity to the site. The plan resolution and the siting are very direct, yet result in a subtle scheme that feels as if it has always been there. The stone wall, which bisects the building lengthwise, has the quality of a found object, effectively anchoring the building to the site and unifying the spaces of the program. The curved geometry makes an enclosing backdrop for the activities on the south-facing public terrace, while diminishing the impact of the volume facing the mountain. And the entry gap dramatizes the experience of moving between these inside and outside realms. With an economy of architectural means, each element reinforcing the whole, this scheme makes a place that feels both inevitable and authentic.

The jury was impressed with the graphic clarity of the presentation, but was ultimately persuaded by a poetic and compelling oral presentation that revealed a fundamental attitude toward building and the environment fully resonate with the spirit and intent of the Cavin Fellowship.

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