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Submittal Requirements

Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship Competition 2017

Fremont Peak Observatory is an astronomical observatory whose mission is to spread the word about the wonder of the night sky, educate the public through presentations and observing sessions, and provide quality observatory facilities. Built in 1986 the observatory is owned and operated by Fremont Peak Observatory Association. At an altitude of 2,769 ft. it is located in Fremont Peak State Park, near San Juan Bautista, California. The Fremont Peak Observatory Association recently received a large donation by an anonymous tech entrepreneur in nearby Silicon Valley who is an amateur astronomer and has visited the observatory many times. His donation will establish an endowment for the upkeep, maintenance, and staffing to fund all future research, education, and community outreach missions at the observatory. In addition the donor will also pay for the construction of a new facility on the site of the existing site.

Your design project for the charette stage of the 2017 Cavin Fellowship will be to design or re-design the existing Fremont Peak Observatory complex in a way which will preserve its educational and research missions while expanding its capacity. The facility currently hosts about 2,000 people a year and is open to the public for scheduled viewing and educational programs from April through October on Saturday evenings that don't conflict with a full moon. The FPOA is hoping to use the attention created by a new building and updated facilities to triple this number in the next 5 years.

Your design will be evaluated on how well it responds to the following project goals:

Designers may consider the following when preparing their designs:

Designers are required to submit (4) 20” X 20” boards (as PDFs in the first round).
These will include the following information:


Caretakers Quarters
Living quarters for 1-2 Persons who are responsible for overseeing and maintenance at the observatory.
These spaces must be seperate from public access
Kitchen 1 100
Office 1 200
Bed 1 150
Living 1 200
Bathroom 1 100
Storage 1 200
Laundry 1 60
Trash 1 60
Private Outdoor Space 1 100
Total: 1170

Visiting Researchers Quarters
Living quarters for 4 People who may spend 4-6 months on site as researchers and assistants.
These spaces must be seperate from public access
Shared Kitchen 1 100
Bedrooms 4 100 400   
2 Bathrooms 2 100 200   
Communal Space 1 300
Dining 1 100
Outdoor Space 1 200
Laundry 1 100
Total: 1400
Telescope and Enclosure w/ retractable roof
Telescope room must provide for rotation and movement and accommodate for future telescope purchase.
Design may also retain existing enclosure and propose additional new telescopes.
1 300
Outdoor Lecture Space
for 100 people
1 800
Public Restroom
may include facilties for those who are camping on site
1 200
Visitors/Interpretive/Activity Center
must include space for school groups visiting with children and have a component that is avaiable when the facility is closed.
1 300
Indoor Meeting Space 1 300
Telescope Sites
terraced unobstructed electrified
7 100 700   
Camp Sites (Primitive)
California State Park standards
10 200 2000   
Picnic Tables and BBQ Area 10 600   
Total: 5200

Project Total:

Submittal Requirements

Contestants should use media judiciously in order to communicate work clearly. Contestant entries should demonstrate a clear architectural response to the questions investigated throughout the process with strategic explanatory and conceptual diagrams to justify your work.

Competition Dates
Friday, March 17, 2017 5:00pm PST - Wednesday, March 22, 2017 5:00pm PST

Upload Requirements
Entrants shall upload 4 -20”x 20” jpg images to the website at 150 dpi.
(3,000 x 3,000 pixels exactly, RGB)
Please read detailed instructions!

Work Area to upload your entry
(you will need your username and password that were sent to you upon registration)

Stage One:
The boards must be uploaded by 5:00pm Wednesday, March 22, 2017. The website becomes very busy starting around 4:00pm so plan to post early. Do not contact the Fellowship with file problems or uploading difficulties. Contestants should check out access to the site early.

Entries will be reviewed by the jury and a short list of between 4 and 6 finalists will be selected by the jury. The Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship will not respond to individual questions once the competition has started. Files must be uploaded by the deadline described on the website or they will not be considered with no exceptions.

Do not put your name or other identifying markings on the presentation boards! Boards that are identifiable will be disqualified!

Stage Two:
Finalists will print out and mount their presentation boards on foam-core.

Final presentation will be on Friday, May 19th, 2017 in Los Angeles. Successful finalists are responsible for their own travel arrangements for the presentation. Finalists can apply to the Cavin Fellowship for up to $200 of documented travel expenses. If a candidate chooses not to attend their entry will be disqualified and not considered for the $12,000 prize.

Candidates are responsible for reading all Cavin Fellowship web materials and for the rules and restrictions described on the site. The fellowship award is for self-devised foreign travel-study with the mission of advancing the education of young architecture graduates. All work must be prepared solely by the entrant with no outside assistance. Once the competition begins there are no questions or communications with the Fellowship or other candidates.

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