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by Alex Zelaya — Winner of Fellowship Competition


The concept for the Bosque is derived from the existing riparian forest condition that exists along Coyote Creek Trail. The surrounding wooded landscape along the multi-use trail provides a lush canopy acting as a natural shade cover, wind break, and habitat for native plant and animal species.

At the existing Hellyer Velodrome, the pavilion acts as a link, continuing the loop of natural woodlands around the existing track. The staggered structure of the pavilion itself mimics the language of trees scattered through a forest. The supporting canopy, which acts to shade and shelter the spaces below, is constructed with engineered timber beams. The roof structure itself creates moments of dappled light and movement, much like moving through a forest canopy.

Under the canopy, the landscape peels up, creating spaces for building program to occur under the sloped grandstands. As the trail weaves through the pavilion, visitors are greeted with public amenities adjacent to the trail. An open decked landscape provides space for people to pull off the trail and enjoy time at the museum or café. At the opposite end of the canopy, the commuter station provides a covered bike storage zone for the region’s bike share program.

Above the canopy, visitors are able to explore the top of the tree line via the observation deck, accessing a distinct perspective of Hellyer County Park. This public deck becomes an outdoor room for community events and activities. Parts of the roof are filled in with vegetation, providing a place for native plants and animals to flourish.

The Bosque becomes an exciting icon uniting the community with sport, recreation, and transportation. An architecture that is blended into the woods, but uniquely different.

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