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by John Martin L. Tubles — Alternate to Winner


Hellyer Velodrome and Nature Hub’s design was derived directly from the site. The design is a mediation between an expansive scale of the Coyote Creek Trail Park and the intimacy of scale felt when one rides a bike especially in nature.

From the my initial investigation of the Hellyer County Park (-through google earth street view of course), the Velodrome sits hidden behind trees and berm allowing athletes to partake in a high technical sport amongst nature. Moreover, it is important to acknowledge the fact that Hellyer County Park is a node in a larger network of civic and cultural amenities for the greater City of San Jose. Therefore its greater role in the community must be addressed beyond its proximity.

From the get go the intent was for the architecture was to achieve a balance between a commanding presence to celebrate the sport and its enthusiasts, and respectful attitude towards the site. This was achieved by limiting the interventions at a minimum - two (2) gestures: First, is a thin and expansive roof that houses all the public amenities. Second, was carving the ground to frame and showcase the “ins and outs” of sport of track cycling beyond the confines of a race. Within these two parameters a quick investigation of tectonics allowed for 3 different types of interventions using : Poles, Planes and/or Paths, that can first be tested in this scheme and later on proliferated in various iterations in other sites throughout the Coyote Creek Trail.

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