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Missing Water

by John Gutermuth — Finalist

ConceptPlan and SitePlan and SectionPerspective

The primary purpose of a boathouse is to connect land and water. It serves as the conduit and transition space between land-based forms of movement to aquatic forms of movement. The new UCLA MAC and Rowing Boathouse acts as this conduit by directly relating to both the land and water, eliminating the barrier between the boats and water. This shift in relationship not only provides the most direct and easy path for the rowers and recreational boaters, but also resolves the conflict of land-based bikers and pedestrians with the movement of the watercraft.

Architecturally, the unique relationships and transitions are expressed in section. The different programs intertwine according to their relationship to the land or water or sky, anchored by the strong vertical structure. These structural elements also respond to the interior exposure to the sun while the general massing protects sensitive areas from the prevailing winds.

The strategic separation of different users and the architectural response to the separation not only resolves their conflicts, but at once enhances their interaction creating a more dynamic and functional site.

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