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by Minh Khoa LeDao — Finalist


The design of repose is an attempt to bring the various complicated factors of the site and program together to create a meaningful experience. The site is beautiful as it is complicated and the hopes is by bringing clarity to the complexities of the site, one would find a unique and beautiful moment that didn't exist before, or wasn't as readily available prior. These are the important and difficult lessons we learn through design.

The term confluence is important and interesting for this project. But my interests lay prior to all of the things converging. I thought that it was important that the different flows of the site could be slowed down by the architecture. I thought that making these elongated moves along the spine of the site that addressed the program of the of the project, the landscape, and unique experiences of the individual, that it could slow the pace of that corridor down.

For the UCLA rowing boathouse, the facility is broken up into elongated spaces to accommodate the program as well as create a clear connection to the water at all times.

For the landscape, I wanted to create channels that would slow down the pace of the water, to help remediate the wetlands.

For the corridor, I created jetty's to bring individuals out to landscape and experience it in a way they never have before.

Hoping with these interventions, it would benefit the user, the individual, as well as the environment.

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