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The Fremont Institute

by NIcholas Venezia — Finalist

Site PlanFloor PlansSectionAerial Rendering

In execution The Fremont Institute is a long, linear path of ascension to the cosmos, a grand research facility appropriate to the scale of scholarly work and recreational activity on site. Four sequential spaces characterize the range of experiences for visitors at The Fremont Institute. Arrival at the base of the structure is meant to inspire with scale, prompting reflection on the relationship between humans and nature, evoking memories and/or imagined eastern temples and monuments. The second floor visitors center and light installation helps transition from the chaos and distraction of modern life by giving space to silence and art. The ascension by stair or elevator to the third floor is an exercise and accomplishment of vertical distance. The third floor observatory needs no explanation and the top floor holds programming and open space inspired by the spectacular position and views afforded by the site. These experiences are designed to attract a variety of people looking to disconnect from their devices in pursuit of momentary awe and transcendence; some may discover a passion for the universe beyond, others a new understanding of who they are at their deepest core.

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