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Constellation Peak

by Albert Escobar — Finalist

Constellation PeakConstellation Peak PlanConstellation Peak SectionConstellation Peak Concept

Constellation Peak is an expansion and renovation to the existing Fremont Peak Observatory. Since opening its doors in 1986 the Fremont Peak Observatory has been a popular destination for amateur astronomers and those who seek to gaze the beauty of the night sky. Constellation Peak seeks to expand upon the programs initiatives of the Fremont Peak Observatory Association and its researchers by inviting its visitors to explore and learn something new in each of the "houses", paths, look out platforms and campfire nodes of Constellation Peak.

The programmatic and organizational concept of the project derived from the idea of a constellation on the site. Each "house" and demarcated node is a part to a whole, allowing the visitor to go from one to another; to sit on the stairs of the amphitheater and gaze at the stars, to set up telescopes on special nights of the year, or even to watch astronomers use the Newtonian telescope.

Constellation Peak is a place for researchers, students, amateur astronomers, hikers, campers, the young and the old, to experience the sky in different ways as they explore the landscape and the “constellation”.

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