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2011 Competition Finalists Entries

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Hydro Towers
by Daniel Toole — Winner of Fellowship Competition

A vertical response to urban agriculture

by Alfred Noel Shamble — Alternate to Winner

Fruition: Grow, Teach, Reach.

Whittier Farmless Market
by Daniel Bittiker — Finalist

Whittier Farmless Market is a zero-energy, zero-carbon footprint facility where all produce is grown on location. Highly efficient hydroponic growing towers cover the site, and double as kiosks for selling their own produce. This Farmless Market prototype represents the future of the farming industry.

by Ronald Spencer — Finalist

Due to the nature of the program and the needs presented by the city in their development plan, this project quickly became focused on overlapping systems in order to build mutualistic relationships and harness all available resources while adhering to the triple bottom line. This line of thought led to four main conceptual foci. - Engage, Activate and Extend the street. - Inspire agricultural innovation through experiential education. - Generate revolving economic and ecological revenue streams through social equity and available resource opportunities. - Develop closed loop systems at a micro-district scale with opportunities for surplus export.

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